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2017-000617 1/13/2017 @ 09:25 24 - SUSPICIOUS PERSON  1/13/2017 @ 09:26 W- Assignment Completed
Location: Zeis Hall - 3300  University Heights
Crime: Case Disposition: /
2017-000608 1/13/2017 @ 07:51 24 - SUSPICIOUS PERSON  1/13/2017 @ 07:52 W- Assignment Completed
Location: P8 -  Campus View Drive
Crime: Case Disposition: /
The law requires (1) the date the crime was reported; (2) the date and time occurred or range of time; (3) the nature of the crime; (4) the location of the crime (no room numbers); and (5) disposition, if known. The crime log is generated with data from a combination of four tables: Incident, Incident Offense, Status, and Disposition; joined by OCA and codes. The page is based on all offense codes (except those that are not crimes e.g. Mental Evaluations) for the last 60 days. Some records are duplicated because you have to show each crime regardless of the hierarchy. The data is sorted by date and time reported in descending order with the offense sequence in ascending order.

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